About me

Hi! My name is Shiv Shankar Dayal and I welcome you to my website. I am a software programmer by choice though I hold a degree in Instrumentation Engineering. I am a supporter of Free (Free as in Freedom, not price) Software and a fan of Richard Stallman and computer scientists like Turing, Dijkstra, Knuth to name a few.

This is my place on internet where I will try to share my little knowledge with people like you. My first sharing is a book on C99 along with GNU/Linux which I hope you will enjoy. Please note that this book was completed some time back and now I am putting more material into it and have also reorganized the chapters to make it beginner friendly. Please keep a tab on contents page to checkout what you need. It is still in very nascent stage. Please note that content and topics are ever increasing so keep visiting this page. Since English is not my native language there is a very high chance that it may contain grammatically incorrect content. Spellings I have correccted using aspell. But stil there may be more and more typing mistakes and sometimes aspell cannot detect out of context correct spellings so please review the material. This website is a going to be a collaborative effort towards bookw which will contain the best of ideas. All generated images were done using tikz/PGF. You can reach me at shivshankar[.]dayal[@]gmail.com

As such I will tell you about how to do programming in GNU/Linux but if you are on Windows I advice you download CodeBlocks from http://www.codeblocks.org/ along with gcc and gdb. It is a very nice replacement of Visual Studio. Also, you can install cygwin or you can do a virtual GNU/Linux installation using VirtualBox from https://www.virtualbox.org/. Turbo C++ users may note that many programs in this book will not work correctly as it requires minimum 32-bit compilers and you have got 16-bit. 64-bit compiler users may note that output of many programs will vary. Turbo C++ is an ancient compiler. No modern software is written using it. Please switch.

The idea of this new logo was inspired by Rick C. Hodgin. We the community of free software programers bleed our eyes with a day job and then work at night for our community. This shows the pain which we bear because of greedy businessmen.

Internet Explorer users please excuse me if the website does not render properly.

"Greed has doomed humanity in past and will continue dooming it in future. It will be the end of all." - Shiv